Sorority Recruitment Consulting

"Going Greek" can be a daunting process. Go Greek Girl gives you the support you need to excel before, during, and after recruitment.
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Who is Go Greek Girl?

Go Greek Girl is an experienced recruitment counselor who helps young women reach their full potential in experiencing successful recruitments. She is passionate about recruitment and knows how important those few weeks can be to defining a young woman’s college life. As a leader on Panhellenic Recruitment Board and the Head Recruitment Counselor for the nation’s largest Greek community, Go Greek Girl knows what it takes to achieve the results you want. This experience enables Go Greek Girl to cater to your individualized needs.

Go Greek Girl is an alumnae member of one of the largest sororities in the country. She has a B.A. in political science, and a law degree. Go Greek Girl is a licensed attorney in Illinois. She married her high school boyfriend and fraternity man and they reside with their baby daughter in suburban Chicago.

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Is Go Greek Girl for me?

Sorority life is becoming more and more popular on campuses throughout the nation and college enrollment numbers have never been higher. Therefore, more intense competition exists to find the perfect chapter for you. Let Go Greek Girl have the pleasure of assisting you in navigating through the excitement and uncertainty of recruitment. Her experience, passion and drive help to ensure you have the best recruitment possible. Whether you are an incoming freshman or already on campus as a sophomore, Go Greek Girl is there to help you have the best recruitment possible!